aquatherm Number One in the Innovation Ranking frEctrit le 05/06/2013 à 11h49
fr The Attendorn pipe system manufacturer outpaces more than 900 companies in a nationwide analysis of medium-sized businesses.

Traditionally, medium-sized companies are regarded as backbone of the German economy. 70 per cent of all jobholders are working in companies with up to 500 employees. However, in the course of a continuously advancing globalization and worldwide active corporations, just these strong companies increasingly get under competition pressure.  For the success of German medium-sized companies, the capability therefore is and will remain decisive to open up new markets with smart product ideas.  

The well-known business consultancy, Munich Strategy Group (MSG), has exclusively made an analysis about the innovation of German medium-sized companies for the “Wirtschaftswoche”. More than 900 companies with an annual turnover of between € 20 and 300 million were investigated and the data of the last five years were included in the analysis.

Fortunately, a local company could place first in this significant ranking. aquatherm, the Attendorn family-owned company,  could convince MSG by its broad innovation mixture of product, process, strategy and organization developments.

Product and process innovations have already been going along with the medium-sized company since its foundation. Founded in 1973 as company for the development, production and installation of hot water underfloor heating systems, aquatherm already was one of the first three suppliers of underfloor heating systems on the European market at that time.

In 1980, aquatherm developed the plastic pipe system fusiotherm® for potable water and heating installations. Until the present, this market innovation is the foundation for a steady growth. Today the aquatherm Group occupies more than 450 employees at its 4 locations. Approximately 44,000 kilometers of pipes and approximately 85 millions of fittings are produced, stored and dispatched a year. aquatherm today is a globally working company, present in more than 80 countries and undisputed market-leader in many fields.

An important reason for this history of success is the continuous development of products that are in line with the market. From the underfloor heating system in residential buildings to the under-soil heating system in big football stadiums, such as the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, aquatherm meanwhile offers the right product for almost any field of application. Currently, the deepest geothermal drilling (2,835 m) in North-Rhine Westphalia has been equipped with aquatherm pipes that were especially optimized for this application. But the high-quality plastic pipes are not only valued for so-called flagship initiatives; presently there are preparations for the equipment of cooling pipelines of Disney World in Florida and California with 630 mm PP pipes from Attendorn.

To position the local products successfully on the world market, all processes within the company are kept as efficient as possible by a permanent optimization. This is attended by the lived company culture in which ideas of all sides are taken and realized at any time. The internal know-how of the control and plant engineering, as well as tool manufacture and the individual product sections is very decisive for the top positioning. In this connection it fits in that early this year the TÜV Rheinland has now certified for the first time a new environment management system (DIN ISO 14001), beside the aquatherm quality management system, DIN ISO 9001, which has already been certified since 1996.

So much potential of course cannot be kept concealed abroad, either. In December 2011, aquatherm was mentioned for the first time in the “Forbes List” of “most promising companies, published in the Wall Street Journal.